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Norma .308 Win. Alaska 11,7g
Champ d’application :
.308 Win.
Bullet Type:
Balle demi-blindée
Caractéristiques principales:
Poids balle g:
Poids balle gr:
Emballage individuel:
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44,00 CHF
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Description du produit

The Norma Alaska is the result of a century of evolution of Paul Mauser’s original expanding bullet designs. Given the level of technology in the 1880’s when Mauser first introduced modern style ammunition with smokeless powder and jacketed bullets, production tolerances were decidedly ‘sloppy’ by current standards. Mauser and his team needed a bullet that would shoot just as well in a rifle with an oversized throat or a worn bore as in a new rifle made to minimum tolerances. The final step was to get the expansion rate appropriate for Scandinavian game. At the same time, most hunters were actually hunting for food, and minimising meat damage was a real consideration. The thickness of the jacket walls has changed slowly over time to cope with higher modern velocities but one of the key points has been the use of pure lead for the core so that it doesn’t fragment and contaminate the surrounding meat. In standard velocity cartridges like the 6,5x55, 308 Win., 30-06 and 9,3x62 with muzzle velocities below 2700fps the Alaska delivers outstanding accuracy and dependable performance with retained weights in the region of 70-85% depending on impact velocity.

Marque NORMA
Calibre .308 Win.
Bullet Type Balle demi-blindée
Caractéristiques principales Plomb
V 0 796
E 0 3708
MRD 200
Distance (m) Vitesse (m/s) Énergie (J) DRO 100 m DRO 200 m
0 796 - - -
50 - - - -
100 685 2746 0 8.6
150 - - -5.5 7.3
200 583 1990 -17.1 0
250 - - 0 0
300 492 1415 -63.4 -37.8