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Norma 9,3x74 R Vulkan 15,0g
Champ d’application :
9,3x74 R
Bullet Type:
Caractéristiques principales:
Poids balle g:
Poids balle gr:
Emballage individuel:
Boîte d’envoi :
89,00 CHF
(Prix RRP, TVA comprise)
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Description du produit

The Vulkan was an evolution of the Norma Cup point handgun hunting ammunition. Effectively a hollow point, the thick folded over jacket walls at the nose of the bullet delay the explosive expansion of the bullets for several inches, and then, like the plastic point it expands violently. A locking ring is incorporated in the design to minimise jacket and core separation. Internal scoring guides the break up of the front half of the bullet into six major pieces. The bullet has found a particular following amongst wild boar hunters who want to ensure that the bullet has reached the lungs before expanding so as to minimise meat loss and yet guarantee a fast put down. Typically retained weights of the rear section (which holds together unlike the plastic point) is 55-65% depending on impact velocity The unique ‘cup point’ nose design means that no lead is exposed to get damaged in the magazine- an important feature of European hunting where rifles are loaded and unloaded several times a day as hunters move between stands. Bullets with exposed lead or pointed plastic tips soon have them bent or even knocked off. With the Vulkan the performance is going to be predictable no matter how often the round has been chambered.

Marque NORMA
Calibre 9,3x74 R
Bullet Type Fragmentation
Caractéristiques principales Plomb
V 0 780
E 0 4565
MRD 200
Distance (m) Vitesse (m/s) Énergie (J) DRO 100 m DRO 200 m
0 780 - - -
50 - - - -
100 678 3454 0 8.3
150 - - -5.4 7.1
200 585 2566 -16.6 0
250 - - 0 0
300 500 1876 -60.5 -35.6